Translation of the preliminary documentary dossier


It is pivotal to remind you that, to grant a mortgage successfully, the Bank will require guarantees concerning the identity, the income, and the financial position and circumstances of the potential clients who apply for the loan for the purchase of real property – which can be located throughout the national territory.

As well as it happens for the Italian clients, the foreign clients with foreign residency and income submitting the request for a mortgage have to follow the procedure established for this kind of operation.
Therefore, to adequately proceed with this first assessment stage, it is necessary to carry out the translation and asseveration of the required documents as provided for by the Bank.

We specialize in translating the following documents:

  • Certificate copies from various registries (e.g.,Vital records, Civil status Certificate, Certificate of Marriage)
  • Judgments(e.g.,divorce)
  • Employment agreements, letter of employment and equivalents
  • Payslips
  • TaxReturn (e.g., P45, P60, 1040, W2, etc.)
  • Documents attesting the creditworthiness of the client (e.g., Equifax, SCHUFA…)
  • Financial statements
  • Bank current accounts
  • Pension plan schemes and relating documents and certificates


What’s this?
The asseveration of a translation is a language service you can request if you have to manage the authentication of documents concerning international business negotiations, commercial trading or legal matters between different countries (speaking other mother tongues).
Therefore, when it comes to “sworn translations”, this means carrying out the official translation of all the documents that will be used in legal matters. These necessary documents could keep their legal value even if they are drafted in a language that differs from the original one.
Through the procedure of asseveration, the documents are asserted as real under oath, and it is certified that the target text complies with the source text and its legal value is confirmed in the translated document as well.
This kind of service is mandatory if the translated documents are required for administrative, government or judicial purposes, and the translation will be valid on a global scale.

Methods of asseveration:
The asseveration can be executed:

  • in any Italian Court
  • in the Office of the Justice of the Peace (or Small Claims Court)
  • before a Notary.

How to proceed to this certification in Italy
The translator prepares the dossier to be translated, which encompasses the original document(s) (or the authenticated copy of the document(s)), the translation and the report of record.

Through the report, the translator signs and swears that the content of the translation is accurate and correct, and it also complies with the text drafted in the source language. It undertakes the liability for tort and criminal responsibility.

Costs of the service:
The standard format of a sworn translation provides that each page is made up of 25 lines, and each sheet must be printed on a single page (no front-back printing format). Furthermore, the procedure of asseveration provides for the application of revenue stamps (worth 16 €), one stamp every four pages (100 lines).


What’s this?

When the sworn translation is addressed to be used in a foreign country, the service you must require is the certification (of the translation).
Certifying a translation means that the Authority legally confirms that they put their signature on the translation and the signature is real and valid; in short, it works as the authentication of the signature being stamped with the seal.
Through this procedure, the certified translation attests the origin of the deeds and the role of the Authentication Officer who signed them.

Methods of certification:

The designated bodies that provide for this kind of service in Italy are the Prefettura (Italian prefecture – which is located in each Italian province) or the Procura della Repubblica of the Court where the translation was asseverated. Many Countries require that this procedure is also completed at the Consulate.

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