Assistance and support

Our services support the client in every step, and we can help you to face many technical matters, such as:

  • Opening of the client’s current account (at the Designated Branch of the Bank)
  • Request and collection of the Italian Codice Fiscale (or updated document)
  • General interviews, formal and informal meetings, negotiations with the representatives of the real estate agency
  • Generic language assistance during the various stages of the operation (from the arrival of the client in Italy to the final stipulation of the deeds)
  • Preliminary support (information about the required documents and the documentary dossier)
  • Preliminary collection of the client’s details (Contact via Skype)
  • Miscellaneous: any ancillary language support for other extra activities

In particular, purchasing a property in Italy using a mortgage involves some preliminary steps that require the presence of the customer in the dedicated offices.
In general, those who want to request a mortgage must go to the Italian bank branch where they will open the current account for identification purposes and signing of the forms in person. For this reason, it could be useful to have a professional figure giving linguistic support to ensure an understandable and functional communication with the bank employees. You will have the opportunity to receive explanations about the forms you are about to sign, ask your questions to the bank employees and receive the answer about a particular topic avoiding the linguistic barrier.
We can make everything necessary for opening a bank account understandable, even for those who are not familiar with the Italian banking system.

Anything you need, we are at the ready to translate for you